USA Swimming Safe Sport Director Resigns After Disclosing She Once Kissed Coach Now Accused Of Sexual Abuse

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USA Swimming Safe Sport Director Susan Woessner announced her resignation today, citing an instance when she kissed former Olympic swim coach Sean Hutchison in 2007. Woessner led Safe Sport, the program tasked with investigating and addressing potential sexual and physical misconduct in the sport. Earlier this month, former Olympic swimmer Ariana Kukors wrote an essay describing what she called her “extensive, abusive, and incredibly manipulative relationship” with Hutchison, which she says began when she was a minor.

Hutchison, who claims he and Kukors were in a consensual relationship only after she became an adult, was investigated by USA Swimming in 2010 based on rumors of his inappropriate relationship with Kukors. In Woessner’s resignation letter, she outlines her role in the investigation, which was conducted by an outside independent party. Woessner says she provided contact information for potential witnesses, gave updates to her boss, and contacted potential witnesses if the investigator wanted to speak with them.


What Woessner says she did not disclose at the time of that investigation was that, when she worked as a database coordinator for USA Swimming in 2007, she “engaged in kissing on a single occasion” with Hutchison. She says that she never had sex with Hutchison, and they never had a romantic relationship.

The investigation of the coach did not uncover any evidence of misconduct. However, a report by the Orange County Register published last week accuses USA Swimming officials of ignoring at least 11 sexual abuse complaints against high-profile coaches. Hutchison, who is now 46, is now under investigation by Homeland Security, who searched his apartment after Kukors went public, looking for evidence of the nude photos she says Hutchison made her send.