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We already flagged the absurdity of Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett's announcement that this year's rookies will have to earn the right to wear the logo of a team that's hasn't won anything since those rookies were in the Pop Warner Tiny-Mite division. Go ahead, treat the Cowboy star as a rah-rah prize, like a Buckeye sticker. Any new reason to laugh at Dallas is fine with the rest of the world.


But one part of Garrett's inane spiel needs to be taken seriously. "It's the Dallas football Cowboys," the coach said. The what? As opposed to what, the Dallas WNBA Cowboys?

This stupidism is Chris Berman's fault. Berman thinks it's funny to intone "NEW York FOOT-ball GIANTS," as a comical Old-Time Sportscaster affectation. The original point of the phrase was to distinguish the NFL team from the baseball-playing New York Giants. The baseball Giants have been playing in San Francisco for 53 years now, so some people have no idea what Berman is even talking about. Jason Garrett would be one of these people.

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