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Usain Bolt Has A History Of Stealing This Swedish Photographer's Camera

After Usain Bolt became the first person to ever win back-to-back Olympic gold medals in both the 100 and 200 meters, grabbed the camera of a nearby photographer and started taking his own pictures of the scene. What you might not be aware of is that Bolt and the photographer, a Swede named Jimmy Wixtröm, have something of a history. It's actually the third time that Bolt has commandeered Wixtröm's camera for his own post-race use. (That's Wixtröm in the red circle above.)


Wixtröm just published his (and Bolt's) photos on the website of Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, along with a quick explanation of what went down. Apologies for my not speaking Swedish. Do your thing, Google Translate:

When Usain Bolt took the world championship gold medals in the 200 meters in Daegu, he Sportbladets camera and shot golden moment.

After the Olympic final of 200 meters världsstjänan did it again. Bolt ran to Sportbladets photographer Jimmy Wixtröm, took the camera and shot away.

- I have been on him for several days and nagging that we need to take a picture before. Yesterday, he promised me that I would take a picture after the race. So I asked myself where I knew he would come and screamed loudly. Scream out loud so will he. I had the same hat at me like I had all week so he would not recognize me, says Wixtröm.

Rumor has it that he call you stalker ...

- Haha, that's right actually. He said it yesterday, but it was with a wink and a smile. He is never angry and I am quite calm and collected. If they want me to take pictures so I do not think so.

Do you think he knows he photographed with your camera before?

- Yes, I'm totally convinced. This was the third time. First time in Daegu and in Rome, he took pictures of himself during a workout. So I know he recognizes me.

How is Bolt as a photographer?

- As a photographer, he is pretty good then. I sit and watch the pictures now. He is charming and took several pictures of Blake when he joked. It will be good.

Usain Bolt of Jimmy Wixtröm:
- He stressed, but I promised him yesterday. Hahaha, says Bolt.

Bolt tog guldbilderna med Sportbladets kamera – igen [Aftonbladet]

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