Speaking of premature celebrations: Usain Bolt hits the dancefloor (in German.) But only for nine and a half seconds. [Speigel]

Tastes like home runs: For the record, athletes could get the steroid Primobolan in their system by eating chicken. Could someone get Wade Boggs to pee in this cup, please? [Walk Off Walk]

The skates seem excessive now: Underwater hockey? Is there anyway we can speed up global warming? [Slanch Report]

D-fence?: The Knicks and Warriors do not put a premium on stopping the ball. Or winning, but that's probably a coincidence [Cecilio Guante]

Ok, maybe we'll take Anna Rawson: St. Andrews is being pressured to end its men-only membership policy. But I didn't hear anyone complaining for the first 250 years. [Golf Watch]