USC Will Be The Most Popular Basketball Team Among Nickelodeon Viewers

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High school basketball phenom O.J. Mayo is most likely going to USC for one year and then bouncing to the NBA, and everyone thinks it's because that's what O.J. Mayo wants to do. Not so. Mayo's leaving after one year because he's afraid to suffer the indignity of losing his starting job to the artist that brought us Romeoland.

That's right, it's Game Time. Lil' Romeo son of Master P, has committed to play basketball for Tim Floyd at USC. He just finished up his junior year at Beverly Hills High school, averaging 13.9 points and 5.6 assists per game. He also led the league in street cred.


I don't know how good he is. Anyone who gets a basketball scholarship to USC, obviously, can play a little bit. And his dad's a basketball junkie, once having a tryout with the Toronto Raptors (some argue that it was Master P's inspirational performance that spurred this current Raptors resurgence), so it's not impossible to believe that he can play. I wish him the best.


To counter, John Wooden is currently on a plane to Indianapolis to recruit Lil' Ronnie to UCLA. And look at Romeo in that picture up there, just taunting him.

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