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USC Wins Hypothetical Playoff According To Vegas Odds

Leave it to Las Vegas to sate all our needs. Even those we didn't know we had before. (I'm looking at you midget escort service.) Everyone knows that the idea of a playoff is so awfully complicated that it would require a Manhattan Project-level commitment before anything could happen. Or, you know, a sports book could just seed the top 8 teams based on the final BCS standings and run the odds for each of those match-ups. Like the guys at did. The result is a USC victory. But what would the odds look like on your Oklahoma-Penn State game? Or your Florida-Texas Tech game? Click on for the colorful bracket. Then wipe away the drool from your computer keyboards.

In the ultimate irony of college football, wouldn't we all like the sport better if we outsourced the college football playoff to Las Vegas? Yes, yes we would.


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