USC's Robert Woods Couldn't Keep His Balance After A Helmet-To-Helmet Hit, Missed One Play

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Above, the uncanny floundering of USC wide receiver and All-American Robert Woods after he got spun around on a helmet-to-helmet hit. The spin itself might have made him dizzy—Woods does a full 180 after the hit—but as Jesse Palmer noted during the aftermath, it was pretty obvious Woods had his "bell rung." When Woods got up, he started toward the wrong sideline.

No matter, Woods only missed one play. ESPN's postgame notebook:

Woods said he remembered most of the incident.

"I remember trying to run," he said. "But I couldn't see. And then I fell."

About an hour after the game's conclusion, he said he hadn't seen the video of it, yet, but noted it was "probably on YouTube."

Woods said the concussion test given to him by USC's medical staff consisted of three questions: Who is the current president, what is today's date and what is 100 minus 7, minus 7, minus 7.

He passed all three, he said, and was allowed to return to the game after one missed play.

"There's no way you're gonna have Robert sit on the bench, no matter what it is," [teammate Marquis] Lee said.


Guys, no cause for concern: he remembers "most of the incident" and the president's name. Rub some dirt on it (your brain) and get back out there.

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