USF Kicker Nominates Self For Darwin Award With Theme Park Mishap

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It's the kicker-gets-injured story that has everything: a second-rate Florida football school, a second-rate Florida theme park, and a totally preventable injury that's not too serious to make fun of him.

South Florida's Maikon Bonani was probably hoping his summer job at Busch Gardens would be like something out of the movie Adventureland. Instead it turned out like Final Destination 3; you know, a laughable failure featuring no one you've heard of.


Yesterday, the Bulls' starting kicker was working at the Skyride, a tram that ferries customers over the tiger and orangutan habitats. From the park's statement, Bonani appears to have ignored all instincts of self-preservation:

It said that after sending a gondola out of the station, the Skyride attendant thought the door might be unlocked and held onto the door to check it. He held on for about 50 feet as the gondola took off, and he let go over the Jungala attraction - a 35 foot fall, the release said.


Where is Spider-Man when you need him?

Bonani was not immediately set upon by the tigers, only to be rescued by the orangutans and accepted and raised as one of their own. Instead he was taken to the hospital with a injured vertebra, and is listed in fair condition.

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