That's the famed UT Rock, marked up with the first batch of heartfelt farewell messages from a grateful student body to Lane Kiffin. Some students also raided Kiffin's press conference to his players. Plus, another defiled rock photo below.

Dozens of students and fans marched into the Neyland-Thompson Sports Complex on Tuesday night chanting obscenities at Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin, who was informing his players about his departure to Southern California

Something tells me this night's going to end with rubber bullets all over Knoxville. Anger is a gift...

Photo: Via and reader Matt C.

UPDATE: Oh, and the BigBadVoodoDaddyVols guy just urinated on his Lane Kiffin shirt. Yeah he did.



And this kind UT emailer just sent this along:

Hi, first time tip writer so I am not sure how to do this but I go to the University of Tennessee and my dad played there. And The students are sorta rioting right now's the story. Mattresses have been lit on fire, and students are as I speak trying to scale the fence at Neyland Stadium....dear lord we take this too far


And more half-assed rioting!


I now can explain the odd youtube video of all the students running in one particular direction. That was the direction of the parking lot where Kiffin's care was parked. We were all trying to block it in. Needless to say, we didn't get there in time, and failed. So instead we're taking piles of the "It's Time" shirts with Lane Kiffin's face on the back and burning them hah.



Sorry to keep emailing like this but uhm shit just got serious in Knoxville. A burning Dresser and Mattress were just hurled from a third or fourth story dorm window. That is all, thank you


Be safe, UT! Travis get down there and keep the peace, man. I just want to watch Conan.


EXCLAMATION POINT UPDATE!: This post has now set the record for the most exclamation points in one Deadspin post.