This week, we have a lighter Vancouver Canucks story for you. Minutes before the end of the first period in the Canucks game with the Dallas Stars, Vigneault starts to laugh uncontrollably‚ÄĒso much so that he hides his face from the cameras.

According to Dan Murphy, who covers the Canucks, the laughing fit was in response to the Stars' Vernon Fiddler doing an impression of the Canucks' Kevin Bieksa. Bieksa, it turns out, is notorious for his "angry face." Fiddler flashed an impression in front of the Canucks' bench much to the delight of Vigneault and Bieksa.

The Vancouver Sun notes that Fiddler has been cracking people up with the impression since his time with the Stanley Cup Champion Nashville Predators and, as the broadcast notes, it really is infectious.


h/t Lee
Video: Alain Vigneault's hysterical laughter at Vernon Fiddler's ‚ÄėAngry Bieksa' impression [Vancouver Sun]