For the second season in a row a double-digit underdog Vanderbilt football team has beaten Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks. This year's 24-17 Vandy win become the Dores first victory over a ranked opponent at home since 1991. Last year the loss to Vandy sent the then 6-1 and top ten ranked Gamecocks into a tailspin. The Cocks finished 6-6 and didn't make a bowl game. This year South Carolina was #24 in the country and undefeated. Now they're 1-1 with a home game next weekend against Georgia. So, get ready for this, Steve Spurrier is 1-6 in his last seven games at USC with multiple losses to Vandy. Worse, he's gone all Uncle Rico on us. How did he prepare for the big game last night? By visiting the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame (Spurrier grew up here) to see if his high school baseball jersey was on display. Seriously. In a sign of the times for Spurrier, he was informed that it wasn't because the museum didn't have room to display all donated items. In 2000, when he left Florida for the Washington Redskins, Spurrier could reflect on six SEC championships in a decade and a national title. The subsequent Washington implosion has been well-chronicled. After signing a $5 million a year deal Spurrier went 12-20 in two seasons and quit. He sat out a year and with much fanfare returned to the SEC as the coach of the Gamecocks. Now after three complete seasons and one extra SEC game Spurrier has more SEC losses at USC (13) than he had in his entire SEC coaching career with Florida (12). From 82-12 in the SEC to 11-13 with the Cocks. The best season Spurrier has had was his second—an 8-5 mark with wins over Florida and Tennessee. But now, in the wake of yet another loss to Vanderbilt, the question has to be asked, is Steve Spurrier done? He's 63, his team is not going to do better than 8-4 with their schedule (and probably worse) and, what's more, Spurrier simply doesn't appear to have much passion for the game anymore. In year's past watching a football game featuring Spurrier was an exercise in showmanship. Spurrier tossed visors, broke clipboards, yanked quarterbacks from one play to the next with reckless abandon, and celebrated with sophomoric glee. Last night? Last night I couldn't even pick Spurrier out on the sideline at South Carolina. How bad has it gotten for Spurrier? If he left he couldn't even anoint his son as successor right now. Also, in an alarming economic indicator of Spurrier support, visor sales have plummeted 95% in the greater Columbia area in the past three seasons. In the end Steve Spurrier is in danger of what once seemed impossible, slipping away into SEC irrelevance. No one fears the Ol' Ball Coach anymore. Not even Vandy. Spurrier takes pregame Music City Tour [Tennessean]