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By now, you might have heard about Vernon Wells signing a baseball for a fan who was heckling him. It's really one of our favorite stories in a while, because it shows a sense of humor from Wells — it was his idea — and it includes a Major League Baseball starting off signing a baseball with the words, "Hey, Mr. Dork." Home Run Derby has an interview with the fan.

Home Run Derby: Based upon the report of heckling that I read in the Toronto Sun, I called your comments "lame-ass criticism." Care to refute me?

(Heckler) Jeff Raycher: Our heckling was superb. You cannot get that kind of response (the ball) from something that didn't work. Vernon has a great sense of humor, and we commend him for it.


Also: Excellent handwriting, Vernon! That can't be easy to fit that many legible words on a baseball.

Followup on the Vernon Wells Heckler Ball [Home Run Derby]

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