Very Naughty Jonesboro High Dance Team Banned Until Further Notice

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After their YouTube video, entitled "The Sluts Of Jonesboro," went viral, the Jonesboro High dance team has been disbanded by the school district. Here's what all the hullaballoo is about.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Parents complained the girls danced inappropriately at halftime during a Jan. 13 basketball game. A video posted on YouTube showed the girls in thigh-high stockings, tiny shorts and tight shirts dancing on chairs during portions of their routine.

The video, titled "The Sluts of Jonesboro," has since been taken down. Evans said she didn't know anything about the video.

Well, judge for yourself. What if that were one of your kids? If one of mine was involved, I'd be in the stands yelling "Sex it up a little!" At any rate, it looks like Mr. G has the subject for his next musical.


Oh, those loveable Jonesboro High scamps.

And hey, be sure to take the AJC poll. It's those damn chairs! That's the problem!


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