The two men, 27-year-old Amador Rebollero and 34-year-old Dario Rebollero, who were videotaped brutally beating two other men in the Levis Stadium bathroom during last week's 49ers game were arraigned yesterday afternoon, and a few more details about the attack and its aftermath were revealed.

According to prosecutors, the victims were beaten for no reason after one of them tapped Amador Rebollero on the shoulder to inform him that one of the bathroom stalls had opened up. The guy who hit his head on the cement floor after being punched is in bad shape:

"These victims were beaten like animals," said [Deputy District Attorney Deborah] Hernandez. "One of the victims has suffered severe injuries. He has some bleeding to the brain. He has had to have partial skull removal to relieve some of that pressure. He is currently suffering some paralysis."


Both of the attackers, who are brothers, have extensive rap sheets, and are facing felony assault charges.