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Derek Harkins, a 46-year-old Massachusetts man, was arraigned in Plymouth District Court on Monday on charges of assault and battery, mayhem, and disturbing the peace, after he allegedly bit off another man’s finger while trying to enjoy a golf outing.

According to WHDH in Boston, the finger chomp was the result of a confrontation Friday between two foursomes at the 18th hole of Southers Marsh Golf Club. One group said the other was playing too slow, and from there, somehow, a man lost a digit:

The 57-year-old victim, Daniel Menton, of Marshfield, had a finger bitten off “to the knuckle.” Menton’s son placed the finger in a cup of ice and took him to the hospital but doctors could not surgically re-attach the digit.

Harkins claims he was defending his father when the fight broke out and that Menton’s finger ended up in his mouth, prompting him to bite down.

Menton told officers that Harkins grabbed his wrist and began biting on his fingers, according to the documents. He said the noise created by Harkins biting onto his finger sounded “like someone chewing on a Dorito.”


The report does not specify which finger Menton lost, but a pinkie seems like it’d have a crunch similar to a cheap tortilla chip.


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