Victor Oladipo improves online discourse by tweeting only in 🧢 emojis

Miami Heat guard claps back at article claiming he ‘lost $110 million’ with symbol for lies and over exaggerations

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Victor Oladipo wasn’t having it with MSN, so he busted out the emoji most often used to point out lies and exaggerations — the blue cap.
Victor Oladipo wasn’t having it with MSN, so he busted out the emoji most often used to point out lies and exaggerations — the blue cap.
Illustration: AP

Ohhh, the ever-evolving age of social media. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning, turning on your phone, only to see your mentions blowing up and your name being tossed around like a Caesar salad. At those moments, you have two options: Clap back, or let it ride.

Miami Heat guard Victor Oladipo got up Tuesday morning and chose to clap back in his own subtle… not so subtle way. MSN Sports ran a story from a site called Bola VIP, and in that story, they break down how Oladipo “lost $110 million.” Oladipo, obviously not taking kindly to the website counting his money, took to Twitter to go back at what he perceived to be a false claim.


No words in Oladipo’s response, just blue baseball cap emojis — and plenty of ’em. It was Victor’s way of calling bullshit on this story. In other words, saying the claim is a lie or an over exaggeration.

(Honestly, I feel like more people should use emojis instead of words on social media. You can get yourself in trouble with the wrong choice of words on social media. Just use an emoji to express yourself. Appropriate emojis, I should add. Twitter should take one week where users can only use emojis to respond to posts as Oladipo did here. I’d love to see the results of that.)

Anyway, the article breaks down how Oladipo turned down multiple contract extensions in both Indiana and Houston. The Pacers offered Oladipo a four-year, $112 million extension, which he declined before they traded him to the Rockets. Then the Rockets offered a two-year, $45 million extension, which Oladipo also turned down.


Whether you feel Oladipo lost $110 million or not is up for debate. We know he passed on at least $157 million in extensions from two different franchises. Those are facts. But can you really lose what you never had? Oladipo has made over $106 million in his nine years in the NBA thus far.

Yes, Oladipo signed for the veteran’s minimum this offseason, which for him is just under $2.4 million in 2021-22. At the end of the season, Oladipo will be offered another big deal if he can stay on the floor in Miami. Health has been an issue for Oladipo during his career.


If Oladipo can stay healthy this season, he can potentially recoup some of those “lost” earnings because he’ll likely be the Heat’s leading scorer this season. This dude is a baller and has the talent to help make the Heat a title contender again.