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Vikings In Desperate Need Of Dramamine

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All kinds of developments from the Vikings orgy boat story over the weekend. The highlights:


Bad Jocks is all over this story. Their interesting wrinkle: The Vikings players involved could have broken the federal statute "The Mann Act," which became law in 1910 to "punish those accused of taking women across state lines for the purpose of prostitution." Their complete archive of info on the case is right here. BadJocks was born for this story.
• According to the Pioneer-Press' "Whispers" page — because everyone whispers in Minnesota — the price for players to get on the sex boat was $5,000.
• Players on the boat included Daunte Culpepper, Bryant McKinnie, Fred Smoot (of course) and a very engaged Mewelde Moore, who pleaded, "Sex? What are you talking about? That's crazy. Look, I'm engaged. So none of that. That will put me in trouble." So you know.
• Oh, the Vikings got their ass handed to them by the Bears yesterday. In case anyone was still paying attention.

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