Vin Scully Trying To Describe The Twitter Sounds Exactly What You'd Expect It To Sound Like

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I love Vin Scully, and he deserves all kinds of credit for doing his darnedest to keep up with the times at age 84. That said, I'd also love to hear how his producer tried to describe Shane Victorino's tweet when the producer suggested Scully ought to read it on the air, which Scully does in the video below. I imagine their exchange went something like this:

Producer: Mr. Scully, Shane Victorino used Twitter to tell Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez how excited he is to be a Dodger. You should mention that during the broadcast.

Scully: Mention what now?

Producer: Victorino's tweet.

Scully: His what? Wait. There are kids listening. I can't say words like...

Producer: No, no, no. He sent a tweet. On Twitter. It's sort of like a short note that everyone can see on the internet. And he directed it at Kemp and Ramirez.


Scully: So he sent a Twitter.

Producer: Well, not exactly. He sent a tweet.

Scully: A twit?

Producer: Tweet.

Scully: I thought you said it was a Twitter?

Producer: Well, no. He used Twitter to send a tweet...

Scully: A tweet? You kids really say that?

Producer: Yep.

Scully: OK. I'll give this a shot sometime in the third inning. That's a good time to talk about the Twitter, right?


Producer: Yeah, sure. But you should really say...

Scully: OK, then.

Producer: ...tweet.

Scully: Say what?

Producer: Never mind.

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