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Vince Carter, Back In Toronto: Awesome Idea!

Last night, the New Jersey Nets — our favorite team to play in NBA Live, by the way; if only they'd just move to Brooklyn already — handled the Toronto Raptors, helped of course by Vince Carter, whose exit from Toronto was one step removed from Tom Cruise refusing to leave the South Park closet until they sent him away. We can't think of an athlete who handled a trade demand worse; if this would have happened with the Maple Leafs, they'd still be beating a mannequin of Carter at City Hall.

But Carter's a free agent this year, and get this: He's considering coming back.

"Vince has talked to his agent about the idea," one of Carter's closest friends tells me. "He wonders if he could patch things up with the Raptors. He even wants the idea floated to the Raptors privately.

"Listen, you have to understand that Vince was unhappy with the old management, but he respects (new general manager) Bryan Colangelo and he's always loved Toronto and its fans." And there's no doubt, the friend said, that Carter will exercise his option with the Nets to become a free agent after this season. "Vince owns a mansion in Orlando, so he's thinking about the Magic," the friend said. "But Toronto appeals to him, too."


In other news, J.D. Drew, Scott Rolen and Terrell Owens are all heading to Philadelphia. Should be fun.

Vince And Toronto, Together Again? [The Rim Job]

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