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Vince Carter Reveals Himself Again

Legitimate question: Why would anyone with any sort of hopes for someday winning an NBA championship spring for Vince Carter this offseason? In the most important game of the year for his Nets, Carter dribbled the ball of his foot during the final possession, ultimately shooting 6-for-23 as the Nets lost to the Cavs and pretty much said goodbye to any hopes of the Eastern Conference Finals. (They're now under .500 for the season again.)

Carter is expected to receive big free agent money this offseason, but we really can't imagine why. It would be difficult to find a team better suited to his "talents" than the Nets — he's got Jason Kidd, for crying out loud — and not only has he been unable to raise his team, he arguably makes it worse. Not that it necessarily required the playoffs to expose Carter as the black hole that he is ... but we're certainly all getting a firm reminder.


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