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Vince Carter's Old-Man Dunk Makes Me Happy

Let's be honest, this probably isn't a bloggable dunk if it had been done by, say, Terrence Ross or Gerald Green. A good-but-not-great dunk is a little more noteworthy, however, when it's 37-year-old Vince Carter throwing it down, showing us all that sometimes—even when you're a shell of your former self and your best days are behind you—it's OK to say "fuck it" and yam one on whatever seen (Rudy Gobert, who is gigantic) or unseen (being old as hell) obstacles are trying to prevent you from shining.

My favorite part about this dunk is Vince's complete lack of hesitation. As soon as he turns the corner, he is 100 percent committed, so much so that he even manages to throw a little vintage flourish on the dunk, spiking the ball hard through the hoop and kicking his legs out like he used to do when he was a younger man. Then there's his huff-and-stomp move at the end, evidence of how great it must have felt to be Vince Carter in that moment. I bet it felt really great. I feel great.


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