All the IIHF cared about was two consistently sold-out buildings after they had to move the tournament from Russia, and that’s what they got. All Hockey Canada cared about was getting two weeks or so of getting to say, “Hey look over there!” while Connor Bedard made everyone forget what the logo on his jersey had come to stand for over the past year, as he scored 74 goals during the tournament or whatever it was. Everyone got to pretend everything was ok or now solved.

The wager is they’ll keep doing so too.

Jim Harbaugh is calling Best Quality Vacuum

It’s almost always automatic that when a college coach is heavily rumored to be open to an NFL job, he knows the mess he’s created in whatever college town has become unmanageable and the goggles will do nothing.


Harbaugh won’t have to change his identity or life, but he will get out of dodge before the shit has its performance review with the fans. He’ll get a handsome reward for doing so too. Pretty nice gig if you can get it, and an even nicer one when you can get a higher-profile gig afterward and leave your chemical spill for someone else to clean up.