The anniversary of Vince Young's infamous shirtless rave photos just passed and what better way for VY to commemorate his great mental unmooring than to blow up a spot with Nelly.

Young, as you remember, is close to getting permanently doghoused by Jeff Fisher (if it hasn't happened already) and has worried teammates, family members, and NFL execs with his wacky manic-depressive behavior and disenchantment with football. (CUT TO Whitlock: Toldja!)

But the blues can't keep VY from smooth-talking the Smash Mic lady and chucking bills off the stage as Nelly encourages the crowd to throw various parts of their body into the sky like they were doomed for oblivion. And VY's behavior doesn't suggest that he's not doing what he said earlier this month — something about "taking care of his responsibilities as quarterback" and focusing on the "business" of football — but merely enjoying the last gasps of the off-season before he's forced to endure a grueling nine months of moping on the Tennessee sidelines. Plus, it was his 26th birthday weekend.

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