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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Vince Young Just Wants To Talk, Sends Really Sad Tweet To The Titans

Vince Young is broke and out of work, so you'll forgive him if he retweets the occasional encouraging note. Today, for instance, he retweeted a picture from his Titans days, showing him handing the ball off to Chris Johnson. The fun memory became a desperate plea, however, when VY took the picture and tweeted it @TennesseeTitans:


I know both you and the Titans are in a bad place right now, Vince, but that doesn't make getting back together a good idea. Did you forget what happened last time—why everything went so wrong in the first place?

Let's hope for Titans fans' sakes that Bud Adams doesn't check the team's @ mentions, or Jake Locker could be giving up his number pretty soon.

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