Why are you looking at me like that? When you throw 9 touchdowns and 18 interceptions in a season, it's important to branch out your business interests. Which is why Vince Young has gone into the sausage business. Yep, being a Titans fan is awesome. On a serious note, how much money can you make with a sausage company? The guy signed a $50 million dollar contract. Do sausage kings make $100 million? What did Abe Froman make? You're rich from playing sports, just invest your money in hedge funds and cash the royalty checks. You don't need to actually start your own business to be a business man. Just because Jay-Z rhymed it doesn't mean it's the gospel truth. Although, come to think of it, I do have 99 problems but a bitch ain't one so... So help me God, if popsicles are next, I'm done with you and your phallic properties, Vince, done. Vince Young's sausage coming to a supermarket near you [You Been Blinded] Vince Young would like you to try his sausage [SBB]