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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Vince Young's Texas Pride Wins The Weekend In sports, everyone is a winner-some people just win better than others. Like Vince Young standing up for his alma mater, punching out a dude just because he was from Oklahoma.

Details are sketchy, and not just the "strip club at 3:30 am" type of sketchy. Young showed up at Club Onyx and met with managers about "special arrangements" for him and a couple friends. Use your imagination what kind of special arrangements he was looking for.

Creiton Kinchen, a club employee, had what looked like some good-natured ribbing for Young. Kinchen, you see, is from Oklahoma, and flashed Young an upside-down "Hook 'em Horns" gesture. Young went after him, splitting his lip.

Here's where we'll point out that absolutely no one in Texas is blaming Young right now. An upside-down "Hook 'em Horns" is apparently the equivalent of burning a flag; Young could have murdered the guy, and he'd probably still be charged with the same Class C misdemeanor he's facing now.


Think I'm exaggerating? Here's the lede paragraph from the Dallas Morning News, emphasis mine:

Police cited NFL quarterback Vince Young in the assault of a man who disrespected the University of Texas Longhorns inside a northwest Dallas strip club early Sunday morning."

Here in journalism, we have what's called the inverted pyramid. It means you write your story never assuming that the reader will read the whole thing, so you put the most important information at the top. That means, according to the Dallas Morning News, not only was the fact that Kinchen "disrespected" UT vital, vital information, but it was more important than mentioning that Young was probably drunk, or what he was charged with, or even what the "assault" constituted in this instance. Did he beat him near to death with a baseball bat? You'll have to wait, dear readers, because it's more crucial that you understand that it was totally justified!

Remember how we all pretty much forgave Zinedine Zidane after it emerged that Marco Materazzi said shit about his mother and sister? A large number of people aren't going to blame Young in the slightest, because defending the honor of your university (even if you didn't graduate) is more important than your health, or your freedom, or your burgeoning NFL career.


Now, if Kinchen had been trying to engage Young in a chat about realignment, that's deserving of a pop in the kisser.

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