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Vindictive Hockey Fans Stiff Shoney's Employee On Tips

You might not think the people of Panama City, Fla., really like their hockey, but they do. Or at least three of them do. And when they go to the Shoney's in town, expecting to find the finals game on TV and do not? They get mad. They get frugal.

Writes our tipster:

My friend works at Shoney's in Panama City. During last night's stanley cup finals, a couple of people asked her to change the channel to the game, which she would have done except she doesn't have the ability to do so. It's something only the bartender can do (and apparently he didn't do it for whatever reason). She tried. So they stiffed her.

Bear in mind these people could have walked about 5 feet and asked the bartender themselves, but of course, why do that.


Don't be like this, hockey fans. We are better. Treat your area Shoney's employees kindly. Or just go somewhere else—these three, who paid their bills as the first period was ending, surely did—and don't stiff them in the process.

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