Visanthe Shiancoe Becomes A Big, Bright, Shining Star

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For the second Sunday this season I received a text message regarding an unlucky football player's unleashed member. Granted, KOGOD's "Locker room cock pic. Any thoughts?" message was less frantic than poor Tanner Cooley's after his brother's unfortunate slip-out, but it was still memorable in the sense that, yes, this type of last minute editorial vetting is what ultimately makes the job of "editor in chief" patently absurd, yet consistently amusing. And this time around, there was the added intrigue of a pesky NFL PR man insisting the revealing pic be removed:

The NFL owns the copyright to all NFL game footage, including the postgame. You need to take down the photos from the Vikings locker room.


Fox Sports seemed to be most embarrassed by yesterday's half-second dong show. The network issued an apology soon after the incident, citing it as an "obvious oversight", but it doesn't appear they'll be subject to any Super Bowl nipple-like fines because of it.


One person definitely not embarrassed by all this is Viking tight end an unwitting flasher, Visanthe Shiancoe, who, amazingly, took the time to talk about it with a female Star-Tribune columnist. He even asked her, "How'd it look?":

"I know, but it's within the locker room, not with the nation but you know, it's not too bad. I didn't just get out the pool."


Bravo, sir. "Shiancoe" seems destined to become the next great penis euphemism, doesn't it?

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