Vlad Jr. Can Do More With His Left Hand Than You Can Do With Both

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Blue Jays third base prospect Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is not yet major-league ready, according to the Jays front office and basically no one else. So spring training is likely the only way we’ll be able to see Vlad hit until he’s missed enough MLB games that Toronto can squeeze an extra year of club control out of him. But in these early March exhibitions, Vlad is putting on a show.

In this at-bat against Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán on Sunday, Guerrero shows off some poor fundamentals but more importantly, some mind-blowing strength. Guerrero’s dominant right hand came off the bat early, before the pitch came to him, but with just his left, Vlad still had the power to knock a double off the left-field wall with a nearly Puig-esque display of force.


This is as good a place as any to remind you that Guerrero is somehow only 19 years old, yet he’s remained remarkably cool about the early highlight reel he’s cutting together. As video of the double blew up, ESPN asked him if he’d check it out.

“No, I’m good,” he replied. “I already saw it live.”