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Vladimir Tarasenko Makes A Little Girl's Birthday

The world is a toilet fire, so you are going to watch this uplifting video, do you hear me? You are going to watch every last second, so help me god, and you and I are going to feel good about something for once, even if it fucking kills us.

Vladimir Tarasenko and Arianna Dougan have known each other for a couple of years. Arianna was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer of the nerve cells, at age three, and has relapsed four times in her young life. She and the Blues winger have been paired off at a number of games and fundraising events, and Tarasenko presented a nice little gift yesterday to Arianna for her 11th birthday: She’ll be hitting the road with the Blues for an upcoming road trip.

Tarasenko was the highest bidder for the road trip prize at a charitable auction held last week. But it was for St. Louis coach Mike Yeo, in front of the Blues locker room, to make the presentation. And it was for the entire team to sing “Happy Birthday.”

“It is so over-the-top amazing,” [Arianna’s mom] Lorie said. “This stranger to us who has befriended our family and done so much for us, he just has the biggest heart and is the kindest person. It’s just amazing. It renews your belief in humanity when you meet someone that is so nice and generous.”


Good stuff. Don’t you feel good? Maybe go watch the rat video again and then go back to sleep so it’s only good things for you today.

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