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Vodka Samm: "I Didn't Come To College To Drink And Be Vodka Samm"

Vodka Samm has spoken.

Samantha Goudie, the University of Iowa senior who staggered into our consciousness early last month with her .341 blood-alcohol content, her mug shot, and her incredible Twitter account, recently gave her first public interview with the Daily Iowan. Her parents also appeared for a sit-down. They were all very candid.


Goudie, 22, said she was "completely embarrassed" by what happened and wants to put the whole thing behind her. In a nutshell: She was a college kid who got shitfaced, was caught trying to stumble onto the field during a football game, and boasted about it all on Twitter, not thinking the rest of the world would be able to see it, and who now has to dig out from internet notoriety. Watch it. It's a pretty, shall we say, sobering interview.