Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict, whose college career consisted of spectacular plays punctuated by pugilism (sometimes against his own teammates) and who has at least once in his pro career delivered that most unkind of love taps is again accused of playing the heel after yesterday's game against Carolina.

Or playing the ankle, as the case may be. Several tipsters told us to check out Burfict's antics on two Panthers scoring plays yesterday, and it indeed appears that he twice went after Carolina players' injured legs. The first instance came in the third quarter, after Cam Newton's touchdown:

And the second, after Greg Olson scored in the fourth:


Both players are recovering from ankle and foot injuries. Burfict wasn't flagged for either offense, though Panthers players certainly noticed what he was up to:


It's clear Burfict has the spinning toe hold down pat. Let's see if he can break out the figure-four next week.

Photo credit: AP/AJ Mast