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The pictured advertisement is what's currently front and center on, the official Web site of everybody's favorite apologizer.

We think this is an outstanding idea: Can Owens be voted into the Pro Bowl? We know voting isn't the only factor that matters ... but wouldn't that be amazing? Would the Eagles even let him wear their uniform? (There's no mention of any suspension on the site, by the way.)

By the way, in other T.O. news today, a radio guy in Philadelphia is hosting a funeral for Owens, encouraging Philly fans to dump their T.O. jerseys in a coffin. They will then be donated to the homeless, which is all we freaking need; nothing's worse than giving a guy a quarter and having his representative inform you that he can't panhandle for less than 50 cents and goes on television to lambast your lack of respect. [Official Site]
R.I.P., T.O. [Student Of The Game]