Vote, You Vulgar Shits: The Curse Word Bracket Elite Eight

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Sweet Sixteen voting is over in the Deadspin Curse Word Bracket, and let's all give a big round of applause to "rimjob" and "fuckface," the two seemingly unstoppable 11-seeds who now must go up the 1-seeds in their respective regions. Now is the time for you to choose your Filthy Four–you four favorite curse words of all time. Can "rimjob" pull off the miracle upset against "fuck," the tournament's top seed? Thanks to "cunt," we've already seen one of the 1-seeds go down hard. It's up to you decide if "shit," "fuck," and "motherfucker deserve the same fate. A couple of other notes on the final eight:

  • Despite its poor seeding, "cunt" is the obvious favorite over "cock" in the body region, which I think serves a triumphant blow for feminists the world over. NO RESPECT FOR THE COCK HERE.
  • I was shocked that "rimjob" beat out "blowjob." You kids today...
  • I'm very much looking forward to a potential Filthy Four matchup between "motherfucker" and "shit." Even D'Angelo won't be able to choose.

Vote now. Let's drag this thing out forever, why don't we?

Sex Region

Body Region

Compound Region

Potpourri Region