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Wait, Aren't The YANKEES The Sign Of The Beast?

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Excellent find from David Pinto at Baseball Musings (which we wholeheartedly endorse as THE site to read for great live updates and commentary during night playoff games; his post today comparing the Doug Eddings incident and computer pattern recognition is fantastic): Apparently an employee of Topps baseball card company is a Yankees fan and is also in charge of deciding which player card receives which number.

Well, he's got this pattern, you see: He takes the player who was responsible for the Yankees being booted from the playoffs, and he gives them the number 666. So two years ago, it was the Marlins' Josh Beckett, last year it was Boston's Keith Foulke and this year it's LAofA's Francisco Rodriguez. We will ignore the irony of a Yankees fan giving the sign of the beast to someone else and simply point out that when the year comes that the Yankees don t make the playoffs, and end up six games out with a week to play, whom does he choose then? Cashman? Michael Kay? We d go with Michael Kay.


Unwelcome Honor [Houston Chronicle] (via Baseball Musings)

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