Wait ... Isn't That ALREADY The Logo?

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We've actually been to the Boca Juniors stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and we can vouch: It's a scary place when games aren't going on. (It's the type of area that's charming on one side of the street and has naked children running down the other.) And, it appears, it's a terrible place to get a tattoo.

A tattoo artist from Argentina is facing a lawsuit after drawing a penis on the back of an Argentinean football fan instead of his favorite team's official logo. Reports said the teenager approached the tattoo artist and asked him to tattoo the logo of the Boca Junior football team on his back. However, the tattooist was an avid supporter of the rival team (River Plate) and decided to play a prank on his young customer. After reaching home, the victim proudly showed his parents his new tattoo and was surprised to learn that a penis was tattooed on his back.

You know, THAT'S soccer fandom. God, we love soccer fans.

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