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Wait ... It's Mariucci's Fault?

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After watching that wretched Lions' loss to the Falcons yesterday — we'll do anything to make the NFL take away the guaranteed Lions homegame on Thanksgiving every year; that game is NEVER competitive — word is starting to rumble: The Lions are considering firing coach Steve Mariucci. This is Mariucci's third year on the job, and, may we remind you, all three years have featured Joey Harrington as the quarterback.

Or, more to the point, Matt Millen as the Lions GM. Can anyone believe that Millen is into his fifth year as Lions GM or, even better, that he just signed a five-year extension? Forget having blackmail photos of the owner; Millen must be threatening to blow up the Super Bowl this year. Millen has done nothing but implode the Lions' franchise since he took over, and the best part is that he implodes it in new and different ways every single year. And now it's Mariucci's fault? We kind of hope Millen has a lifetime contract with the Lions; that way, someday, our Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals won't be the worst team in the NFC.


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