Lance Armstrong recently did an odd interview with Texas Monthly, the first he's given since being stripped of his Tour De France titles by the United States Anti Doping Agency.

What did Lance and the Texas Monthly talk about? Comedy and cancer, of course, right after listening to Tig Notaro's now-famous comedy set in which she reveals that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Like I said, it's an odd interview.

There was, however, one interesting nugget of information worth taking note of:

Sixteen years later, we try to have fun with it. In my situation, it's easy to look at me and say, ‘Oh man, dude has testicular cancer and has one ball.' Who f-cking cares? It hasn't affected my life at all to have one ball. Sure, it might be a punch line for some people. But I've tried to take it and say, ‘Let's have fun with it.' I have a coffee shop called Juan Pelota.


Lance Armstrong has a coffee shop called Juan Pelota! The coffee shop is in Austin, Texas, and strives to "be a spot you frequent and stay in while starting your day, getting a snack, writing your novel, or meeting friends."

The interview also brought this memory out of Lance:

I was at an Austin restaurant not long ago, in the bathroom taking a piss. The bathroom is right by the kitchen and I could hear the people in there talking. One of them says, ‘Lance Armstrong is in here tonight.' And the other one says. ‘Did you ask him if you could rub his testicle?' They're back there joking it up. And I don't have any problem with that. Part of me wanted to play along and walk in the kitchen with my ball out.


Lance Armstrong has jokes, you guys! I like this Lance better than the Nike Lance.

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