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Wait, Maybe Running With Bulls Isn't Such A Great Idea?

A 27-year-old Spaniard (not pictured) was gored to death, when a 1,130-pound bull (that's him there) broke loose from the Pamplona pack and went understandably crazy. It's the first goring death at the famous bull run in 14 years.

Remarkably, it's only the 15th official death at the Pamplona bull run since 1924. Capuchino—a brown angry fellow who comes from a farm notorious for its feisty bulls—fell down early in the run and got separated from the rest of the pack, which apparently is not a good thing. He became disoriented and aggressive, began charging erratically, and in the process gored three others and injured six more because he's a freaking bull.


He's probably dead at the hands of some swishy matador by now, but at least he chalked one up for his side on the way out.

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