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I'm skeptical this even is real — seriously, it's that funny — but two women were hospitalized — OK, so that parts not funny — Tuesday night after a horse leapt a dividing wall and climbed into the announcer's booth at a horse show in Lexington, Kentucky.

Four people were in the announcer's booth — you know, chilling out, taking about horse shit and stuff — when all of a sudden an American saddlebred named Our Axel Rose (!) jumped a wall that separates the show ring at the harness racing track and forced his way inside. He didn't knock.


So what the hell got into ol' Axel? Peter Doubleday, an announcer who manages horse shows has an idea:

"I think he was just spooked, and he saw the booth with the light on, and it made him think of his stall. That's a horse's sanctuary, and I think he thought, 'I'm going to go in here and take it easy.'"

Ah, yes, that makes perfect sense. Our Axel Rose definitely didn't want in so he could bust out a nice 'Sweet Foal O' Mine' on the mic. No. Of course not.

Two Hurt In Bizarre Incident At Horse Show [The Courier Journal]

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