Waiting For Overwatch Has Sent Fans To A Dark Place

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Tomorrow a video game called Overwatch goes on sale. Thank God, because people who have eagerly been awaiting its release are starting to lose their minds.

For the unfamiliar, Overwatch is a first-person shooter made by Blizzard Entertainment, and it is a hell of a lot of fun to play. I know it’s fun because I played it a few weekends ago, when Blizzard held an open beta test, allowing people to download and play the game for free from May 5-9. Since May 9, nobody has been able to play the game, and I’m sure you’re starting to see the problem here. Blizzard gave fiends like me a little taste of the good shit, and then told us to wait two weeks for our next fix. We’re all itching very badly, my friends.


In the meantime, people who want to play Overwatch have instead been forced to spend these days thinking and talking about Overwatch, and that has led them to some strange places. One poster on the Overwatch subreddit recently ranked all of the game’s characters by what he believes to be their body temperatures. The post is over 1,400 words long. Today, you can find a post on that very same subreddit with a subject line that reads, “Feel like this needs to be said before release...” The post reads:

Rest in peace to all of the fans that passed away before the game is out, and won’t ever be able to enjoy it. Its been a couple years since the announcement and I’m sure that there were people out there just as hyped as us that didn’t live to see it release. RIP


Others have added their thoughts:

Their watch has ended.

That’s actually really sad to think about...Those heroes will be with us all in spirit though. We shall play in their honor. For their watch is over, but ours has just begun.

And then:


It’s a really good thing that this game is coming out tomorrow.

Top image via Blizzard