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Illustration for article titled Wake Forest Kicker Shanks Field Goal After Forgetting Hes Part Of The Field Goal Unit

“Practice makes perfect” is certainly a mantra Wake Forest kicker Nick Sciba adheres to. In fact, he’s so serious about it that he was still practicing while the rest of his team set themselves up in position to kick a field goal in the first quarter against Notre Dame. The good news was that the Demon Deacons did not have to burn a timeout, or suffer a delay of game penalty, as Sciba realized his mistake and scurried out onto the field with about 18 seconds left on the play clock. The bad news was how the eventual attempt went.


It’s not as if those points would have made any difference in the game as the Fighting Irish would win 56-27. At least Sciba was able to get some redemption for his blunder, hitting his next two field goals at 30 and 39 yards.

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