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Well, it's on the record: Walmart says it has no video of Dez Bryant from July 11, 2011, the day police were called to investigate a disturbance in a Lancaster store's parking lot.


SportsBusiness Journal's Daniel Kaplan talked to a Walmart spokesperson about the possibility of footage:

Wal-Mart director of national media relations, Brian Nick, said because no charges had been filed, the company would not have pulled the security footage at the time and created a videotape of the incident.

No crime had occurred, he said, so the Lancaster Police did not request the footage from the company's security system.

And it would be too late now to do so, he added. The company's security protocol eliminates footage after a certain period of time, he said, and that time has passed.


That doesn't necessarily mean video doesn't exist, but it makes it a hell of a lot less likely.

Photo: AP

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