Warning: Don't Give Sidney Crosby Money On MySpace

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Believe it or not, Sidney Crosby's MySpace page does not actually belong to Sidney Crosby! Oh, and if you gave the person who does run that page $500 to help save a park, you're an idiot.

The page sent out a message this week about a poor city park in Minneapolis that had been "burned down" by angry gangs. So if Crosby's many fans could just send about $3,000, the park would be rebuilt or something and in exchange they would all get game-used autographed sticks. Oh, and if instead of writing a check to the Parks Deptaremnt or Crosby you could Western Union the money to "small time professional wrestler" Stephanie Biddlecom that would really be super.


Oh, where to begin. Of course, it's not Sidney. The man has $3,000 in the cushions of his couch. The postage on the sticks would cost more than that. At least the park actually exists, but naturally, there's nothing wrong with it.

The beautiful part is that even after being called out by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Biddlecom continued to insist that it was all true. She says she met Crosby when his cousin began dating her sister and that she speaks to him almost everyday. That is dedication to the role. In fact, I'd say there's at least a 70% chance Biddlecom (pictured above) truly believes Sidney Crosby is her friend. Even Tommy Flanagan wouldn't go that far.


The fake Crosby page was actually debunked months ago by a couple of female hockey fans when they proved that Fake Sid was chatting with them online, while Real Sid was playing in a hockey game on their TVs. Also, those two women are not morons.

Biddlecom—who apparently grapples in Minneapolis gymnasiums under the name "Cerise Keller"—told the paper she's raised $2,250 dollars since Monday, but like everything else in her sad little world, that's probably a lie too. I really hope it is, anyway, because if anyone fell for this dopey plot then humanity is finished.

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