Pictures of restaurant bills showing rich and famous people to be terrible tippers are often hoaxes, but here's one left by Warren Sapp that we know for sure is real, because Sapp himself admitted to stiffing the waitress.

Things got started when Darren Rovell posted a photo of the receipt, prompting Sapp to bite back with the help of a devastating hashtag:

Since nobody ever wants Darren Rovell to be right about anything, a legion of tip truthers took to Twitter to defend Sapp. Maybe he just left cash on the table! Or maybe not:

I suppose the degree to which Sapp should be judged a dickhead here is dependent on exactly how "boys" was wielded by the waitress. A chipper "What can I get you boys to drink?" isn't something anyone should get sensitive about, but a sneering "What do you want, boy?" might be worthy of getting stiffed. I guess we'll never know!


What we will always know, though, is that Warren Sapp still owns the greatest two-tweet sequence in history:


[Ride The Pine]