Washington Exec Doug Williams On Signing Reuben Foster: Other People Do Bad Stuff, Too

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Washington has been taking a lot of heat for its decision to sign former 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster just two days after Foster was released due to a domestic violence arrest, his second in the last year. The organization at first defended its decision by releasing a misleading statement about how thoroughly it had vetted Foster before the signing him, and that defense continued today when senior vice president of player personnel Doug Williams did his weekly hit on a local radio station. Williams’s talking points were not exactly polished.

At one point during the interview, host Doc Walker asked Williams if he had expected to receive this much backlash to Foster’s signing. Williams answered (emphasis mine):

Oh yeah we knew that was going to happen. And rightfully so, with all the stuff that is going on in this country. You know, we got people who are in high, high, high places that have done far worse if you look at it realistically, and you know they’re still up there. So this is small potatoes for a lot of things out there, but at the same time it’s a big issue in America today, whether that is in football, or that is every day life, or that is in politics. It’s out there.


It’s hard to read the bolded portion of that quote as conveying anything other than Williams wanting credit for not signing Donald Trump. But his lack of specificity makes it hard to know for sure, and thus dulls whatever insane point he was trying to make. With that in mind, we came up with some more specific soundbites that Williams should feel free to use in the future.

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Good luck during your next interview, Doug.