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Washington Huskies

1. Mike Jensen Likes Scooters (Among Other Things). Huskies' senior forward Mike Jensen — who remarkably resembles actor Dolph Lundgren — is not much of a walker. Instead of using his own two feet, Jensen can be seen around the University of Washington campus riding around on his motorized scooter. Because of this, he has picked up the nickname — get this — Scooter. Catchy, huh? Jensen will also make plenty of hazy-eyed appearances at frat parties or local U-Dub bars. "I'm kinda shy around hot girls," he says on his profile. "And sometimes I make a fool of myself in public." A motorized scooter certainly won't help.

2. So That's How They Still Sell Football Tickets. Once upon a time, the UW was a football school. But no longer. So how do you get students to support the dismal Washington football program? Tell them once they buy their football tickets they have priority for basketball. That s right; in order to get first crack at the student pass (which gains admittance to the Dawg Pack at all men's and women's basketball games), one must buy football season tickets. Yeah, when the football team has gone 3-19 the last two years, you gotta get creative.

3. Will Jon Brockman Get The Andrei Kirilenko "Allowance?" UW freshman forward Jon Brockman is dating Christal Morrison the MVP of the NCAA Volleyball Tournament for the Huskies' National Championship team. It s uncertain how long the two have been an item, but Morrison can be found at virtually every home basketball game cheering on her man. And while the two are likely nowhere near marriage, based on both Brockman and Morrison being Bible thumpers, don't expect to see Brockman getting freaky with, well, Mrs. Kirilenko anytime soon. — Zach Landres-Schnur

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