Watch A Couple Of Guys B.A.S.E. Jump Off NYC's Freedom Tower

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The Freedom Tower is the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere and these two dudes just jumped off it. The video was filmed in September of last year—and appears to be the black-clad parachutists who landed near the Goldman Sachs building September 30, 2013 and then vanished—but was just uploaded to YouTube today. It's pretty fucking intense.

The first guy jumps at about 2:30, but you should watch from the beginning just to get that knot in your stomach while they breath heavy and prepare themselves. The jump was at 3:00 a.m. so it is pretty peaceful looking, all things considered. One of the guys lands in the middle of the street and then takes off into the night.


Update: Three men jumped in September, though only two jumps are shown in the video, and one man stayed on the ground as a lookout. The jumpers are Andrew Rossig, James Brady, and Marco Markovich. Kyle Hartwell was the lookout, but the Manhattan D.A. will charge them all with burglary. Other charges are possible.

Last week, a New Jersey teenager also made his way to the top of the Freedom Tower, gaining entrance through a hole in the fence surrounding the area. It's unclear if these guys used the same hole to gain access, but they did admit to using the stairs to climb all 105 floors.


Investigators somehow identified the men, obtained search warrants and found GoPro cameras with footage of the jumps in their homes. They are expected to surrender to police on Thursday.