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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Watch A Shopping-Mall Brawler With Panties Exposed Kick Her Foe In The Face

This ladyfight outside the Giti 8 women's clothing store at the University Mall in Tampa was so mesmerizing in its brutal panties exposure that a reporter just had to take it and show it to shoppers who might have missed it.


At the 0:21 mark, lady in dress is shown to be a wearer of white unmentionables. But this doesn't stanch her fistacular fury one bit. She done wallops on, puts foot to and leads her buxom foe around by the head. It is because of this blatant mismatch that buxom foe then seeks out another woman for tangling purposes, another woman who proceeds to slam her into a mall wall with no regard for shopping-center safety.

Among the more notable of shopper-reaction quotes was this one from USF student Rosie Mancini: "I'd like to say that I'd try to stop it, but those are big girls." Rosie went on to explain how the mall has a reputation as being "kinda sketchy." That sounds about right.


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