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Watch Action Bronson Have An Extremely Awkward Meal With Mike Ditka

Queens rapper Action Bronson is pretty great, in part because he once called himself "The Young Randy Velarde" on a track, and in part because he hosts a food show on the internet that is called Fuck, That's Delicious. The most recent episode of the show brought Bronson into contact with shitty old man Mike Ditka, and things got pretty awkward!

Bronson visited Ditka's steak house in Chicago, and found the old coach sitting at a table with his wife, looking like he'd rather be anywhere else. Bronson explains who he is and what the show is about while Ditka just stares dumbly, and then the three of them eat some food in relative silence. The most amicable moment of the meal goes like this:

Bronson: "Do you eat like this every night?"

Ditka: "No."

Everyone Watching This Show: 0_o

Then some guys come over to pay their respects to Ditka, who warns one of them not to touch him, because rotten old men don't like being touched.


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